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A Quick Bit About the Blog

The sort of sequel to my other blog Lost Boyos, Los Boyos is a chronicling of my adventures around Spain. It will feature mostly football and my groundhopping exploits, but I’ll also delve into more detail about the places, the food and especially the beer and all that general cultural jazz. I decided to come back to the blogging game after a year long hiatus from blogging about my football travels on Lost Boyos. It’s still early days here yet, so we’ll see where the blog goes – there’s no grand plan and I imagine I’ll be winging it for a bit. Ultimately though,I just wanted to start writing again as I’ve started to miss it recently and so I’ll be writing about what I feel like really. If others want to read it too, then that would be lovely.

A Quick Bit About Me

My name is Matt and I’m just about to start a new job working as teacher in Marbella. This won’t be my first overseas teaching gig having spent two years working and living in beautiful Trnava in Slovakia a few years previous. As well as that, I’ve lived in Liverpool, Horsham and Manchester, but I originally hail from Merthyr Tydfil in the South Wales valleys. I’m a big Swansea City fan, but on moving to Manchester and having less time/money to travel to watch the Swans, especially at home, I began groundhopping and I’ve not looked back since. Football and travel has become probably the biggest componet of my life and I’ m looking forward to writing and sharing my adventures once again.

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